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Current CPXT events

On July 7, 2016, a group of board members met at Kathy Burns house to discuss fundraising ideas and to finalize some fundraisers we have talked about previously. Below are things we have decided on with dates (If available). More information will be sent home closer to time for each individual fundraiser. It is imperative that families help with any that are marked as "GENERAL FUND". These fundraisers build our account up so that we are able to continue offering meets and fun things for the girls.

  • Yard Sale - Possibly run from Thursday to Saturday from 8am-2pm each day. We were thinking about Aug 18-20 and will put a sheet up to find out interest in this. Advertising will be done to get the word out. There would be no fee to set up, but the profits you make from your sales can then be put into the account. We also discussed if vendors wanted to set up, maybe we could work a deal to receive a percentage of their sales from that day.
  • Tag Day - Kerry Sizer will be calling to set up possibly 2 dates. Hopefully in August and again in October. This would be held at the Lewistown Walmart. If there is a family in a further county that would like to try setting one up for another location (doesn't need to be the same day) we can have the girls from further away participate also.
  • Bon Ton Community Days - We sell these booklets every year. If we sell the most we are offered times to sell in-store. These should be coming out in September.
  • Krispy Kreme - A possible fundraiser in August.
  • Whoopie Pies - These went over so well the first time that we are going to do it again. We are unsure of dates at this time but keep your eyes open.
  • Great Lake Scrips - We sold last year around Christmas and had a decent turn out. Basically you are selling gift cards and making a percentage of the sale.
  • Sponsorships - **GENERAL FUND** This will possibly be an ongoing fundraiser. This is to solicit businesses in the Juniata/Perry/Mifflin/etc counties. There are 5 donation levels with Platinum and Diamond being the top levels. Gold, Silver and Bronze are the lower levels. We would ask that all gymnasts try to solicit a few businesses (letters will be pre-printed for use) for the lower level donations. The upper levels will be contacted by CPXT board members. We are currently working on the letter and donation details but should be able to start this very soon.
  • Cash Night - Most of the details for this have been discussed. We are working on a location currently. We would like to try holding this in October. Girls can help set up but parents will be asked to help during the event since you must be 21+ to be in the event.